DyzEND-X + DyzeXtruder Full Kit for 1.75mm

Product Description

***You will have to make modification to the firmware for the 500°C thermistor. If you want we also sell the 300°C thermistor here. For more information about the modification go here.***

The Dyze Design DyzEND-X is a Canadian made, high performance all metal hotend that is able to print materials at up to 500°C (24V, enclosed print area).

The 410 stainless steel nozzle can handle the most abrasive materials like Carbon Fiber filled filaments in addition to being easy and affordable to replace when needed.

The Dyze Design extruder is a Canadian made, high quality and all metal extruder that is able to print any kind of materials. So far, we've personally tried using the very flexible NinjaFlex and it works like a charm.

The DyzeXtruder is 100% metal, groove mount and bowden tube ready.

  • 1x 0.4 mm 410 stainless steel nozzle
  • Hard Titanium thermal break
  • Compatible with every 1.75mm filaments
  • Up to 500°C (24V, enclosed print area)
  • Fully assembled all metal extruder
  • Compatible with every 1.75mm filaments
  • Adjustable width to connect the most known RepRap hotends.
  • All metal DyzEND-X Hotend
  • 1x 0.4 mm 410 stainless steel nozzle.
  • 40W Ceramic Heater Cartridge
  • Assembly of high-temperature thermistors (500°C)
  • All metal DyzeXtruder
  • Custom-made spring specifically designed for optimal strength
  • NEMA 17x40 stepper motor - 0.9 deg - 1.68 A
  • 1 meter cable
  • Every needed bolts/nuts/etc.
  • Kit of 4 Allen Keys ( 1.5 mm, 2 mm, 2.5 mm, 3 mm ).
  • 3x Conical Washers
  • 2x M4 Screws

Known compatible materials

  • ColorFabb CarbonFiber XT CF20
  • Other Carbon Fiber filled materials
  • PEEK
  • PLA
  • ABS
  • PC
  • PC-ABS
  • ColorFabb BrassFill
  • ColorFabb BronzeFill
  • ColorFabb CopperFill
  • ColorFabb WoodFill *** .5mm Nozzle ***
  • ColorFabb BambooFill *** .5mm+ Nozzle ***
  • ColorFabb XT (Eastman Amphora)
  • All taulman Nylons and other materials
  • TPE
  • FennerDrives NinjaFlex and SemiFlex
  • ...

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