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Welcome to Ultimaker Cura 3!

Image of Ultimaker Cura 3.0 software


Introducing Ultimaker Cura 3.2.1

As an expansion to Ultimaker’s ecosystem, our new software upgrades enhance the performance and accessibility of our 3D printers; providing seamless workflow integration between industry-standard CAD applications, in addition to the powerful features already enjoyed by Cura users.





Ultimaker Cura 3.0

Delivering future-ready solutions

  • New, revamped interface. The major redesign features a cleaner look and feel, and more intuitive settings controls. There’s also a new color scheme, plus sliders.
  • Open for more plugins. Ultimaker Cura is open for third-party plugin development, for seamless workflow integration with platforms like SolidWorks and Siemens NX.
  • Improved performance. Ultimaker Cura 3.0 release comes with improvements like faster start-up, reduced PVA support expansion, and new skin settings.