FAQ About Prusa Products - MK3S - Textured Beds - & More

FAQ About Prusa Products - MK3S - Textured Beds - & More

(Updated on Apr. 17, 2019)

We are receiving a big number of questions regarding products from Prusa. We decided to update you on the news we have with a permanent FAQ blog post. We will keep you up to date as we receive new information from Prusa.


Is Voxel Factory selling the Prusa MK3S?

Yes, all Prusa i3 printers kits sold in both Montreal and Vancouver will be MK3S.


Can I upgrade to MK3S if I bought my printer through Voxel Factory?

If you bought a MK3 between January 28, 2019 and February 8, 2018 → We sent you an email to let you know that : 

We recently received news from Prusa that a shipment with upgrades to MK3S are on their way to our warehouse (shipped on April 15, 2019). The first shipment contains half of the necessary upgrades. A second shipment will be on its way soon.

You can expect to receive your tracking number for your upgrade in the next two weeks. We will fulfill the orders by date of purchase. If you haven't heard from us after those two weeks, you can reply to the email to let us know.


If you bought before January 28 → We should receive batches for the upgrades. The quantity and ETA are unknown.


Will I have access to the textured bed vouchers if I bought my MK3 at Voxel Factory during the “eligible for a voucher date”?

Waiting on Prusa to finish testing to have more information on ETA.


Will you sell the MMU2S?

Waiting on Prusa to finalize production and to give us the go-ahead.


Will you sell Prusament?

We want to. We are poking Prusa every month to hook us up.

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